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19th April 2018

It’s time to show our cards.


It’s not just a word. It’s not just a concept. It’s not an abstract evolution.

Carevolution is an astounding and tangible change. Ideas turned into reality.

Care, innovation and sustainability at the service of technology.

Our people at the service of research.

Today, this consistent journey leads us to present incredible novelties for our market.

A new finished product: the no-core roll already present on store shelves in Europe.

And then, not just converting.

PCMC’s new card is packaging: a new concept of primary and secondary packaging, unique in the world of consumer rolls.

Click her for Carevolution's video

And now we are headed for ‘T’s Tissue: June 2018 in Lucca, 5 days of Open House where we look forward to seeing you so you can witness our change first hand.

Register here for iT's Tissue and select our Open Houses. Come visit us!




05th April 2018

PCMC in China for CIDPEX 2018

From 18 to 20 April we will be in Nanjing, China, for the 25th edition of the international trade show dedicated to the tissue and hygiene products industry, taking place at the NIEC - Nanjing International Expo Centre.

We are currently living in the universe of the virtual, of speed, devices, calls, but at the same time, we feel the need to see with our own eyes, to sense the closeness. We need a handshake and a trade show is always a privileged place where people can meet the machines and familiarize with the companies, where technology comes to life.

We look forward to seeing you for all this, at our stand No. 8D27, Hall 8. We want it to be your meeting point with PCMC’s products and ideas.

Three intense days to experience the changes in the field together: conferences, technical seminars and comparisons between experts to stay up-to-date and discover all the latest novelties. And we will be there with you to present our proposals of made-in-Italy technology signed by PCMC for the world of converting and packaging. 

For further information, for additional details on our technological solutions, and/or to fix an appointment on the PCMC stand, we invite you to contact our Sales Managers who are at your complete disposal:

James Yang, PCMC Beijing Office, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Samuel Pullinger, PCMC Lucca Headquarters This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

During CIDPEX, we would also like to invite you to our Carevolution Event scheduled to take place in Lucca in June (25-29 June), at our Open House for IT’s Tissue 2018.

We look forward to seeing you in Nanjing. Come visit us at stand number 8D27, Hall 8!




9th March 2018

PCMC is a company made up of people working every day for a common goal: doing extraordinary things.

The only company with two production sites in Europe and in the United States, the only one with two facilities where people think up, design and manufacture our products.

PCMC also has representation offices in Germany, the UK, Japan, China and Mexico, with a worldwide staff of over 1000 people.

And to attain these results, we put care into everything we do.

It is a virtuous cycle where the attention by people for people, is transmitted from people to the machines. Doing our job with care yields better results for all of us and thanks to this process, our finished product is enriched with the attention, skill and dedication each single one of us contributes. Because for us, quality passes through care.

This is why we at PCMC want to take good care of our communication too, and to strengthen our network. We feel responsible for what we do and want to reach out and touch as many people living around us as we can.

And we want to reach out and touch our people in a new way. We want to be present on the virtual network, too, to communicate with you and to tell you about us.

Let’s start from here, today. Let’s begin our evolution.



19th March 2018

PCMC is ready to surprise you in June 2018 for the all-important IT’s Tissue - The Italian Technology Experience event.

During IT’s Tissue 2018, PCMC will feature an exclusive world preview of the concept of Carevolution.

Sustainability, innovation, evolution and care: these are the company’s benchmarks summed up in a new term: Carevolution – We’ve got the real Tissue Solution. 

Two are the main protagonists of PCMC’s Open House: technology always focused on continuous evolution, and also and above all the finished product. A new roll that after attentive research has finally become a reality and that unites all the inimitable characteristics of made-in-Italy technology signed by PCMC. 

But there’s more. PCMC’s new Carevolution has applied the same innovation and sustainability criteria also to packaging, and during the IT’s Tissue Open House, a new concept of primary and secondary packaging will be on demonstration, so be prepared to see something unique in the world of consumer rolls. 

PCMC and Carevolution: the perfect combination for leading-edge technology!

Register now for IT's Tissue 2018 click here


The 132nd Amica Matrix line sold worldwide by PCMC was successfully installed at Cesar Iglesias SA, in the Caribbean area.

PCMC’s Amica Matrix has been conceived as an extremely flexible line, the Matrix technology allows to freely match speed and number of cycles according to the product characteristics and the converter’s specific needs. The line can be easily upgraded so as to follow the company’s growth and the evolution of the market and this is its main reason of success.

The Amica project is part of Cesar Iglesias’ plans to maximize its production capacity and the related converting activities, as for today selected at 30 cycles per minute but upgradable in the near future.

Cesar Iglesias SA was founded in 1910 and today it can count on a personnel of around 2.000 people all over the world this new line by PCMC is dedicated to converting toilet rolls and kitchen towels, thus further widening the range of products produced for its market.