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26th October 2018

What are they talking about?

Please Click on the video

What’s no longer there? 

Trefor Hughes, Senior Sales Manager at PCMC, told us during our Miac 2018 conference entitled “When the roll of the future becomes the real tissue solution”.

A captivating and engaging story with the no-core roll as protagonist of a dynamic and interactive speech.

We spoke of the clear advantages of the roll: good for life, good for business, good for the environment.

And of course, of the INVISIBLE O technology that produces it.

That’s all we have to say, because the conference said it all.

You missed it? No problem. Write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you will receive the access credentials to see the complete video of the presentation.

We look forward to receiving your email!








04th October 2018

When the Roll of the Future is The Real Tissue Solution

Could you click on this video link?



If you’ve seen it and and we aroused your curiosity then you surely want to know more.

And how can you do this?

Come to MIAC 2018. Come listen to what we have to say. All you need is 20 minutes.
but a true, interactive meeting to acquaint youwith our Invisible-O technology that produces the No-Core roll: 

100% sustainable technology, 100% made with care in Italy, 100% high quality consumer product.

“When the Roll of the Future Becomes”: a must-see conference.

You will enter the heart of our ideas and understand the advantages of the no-core roll and see that this is the most effective path to take.

The appointment is with us and with Trefor Hughes, in the Miac Tissue Conference Room. Thursday 11 October at 11:30 AM.

We are waiting for you!


Participation in the MIAC Conferences is completely free of charge but it is necessary the registration – Please Register Now! 

PCMC at MIAC 2018, 10 -11-12 October, booth 40.


08th August 2018

We asked web users; their participation was great!

We were swept with over 120 adjectives describing the essence of this new product featuring an invisible core.

Innovative, ecological, handy, convenient, sustainable, functional, intelligent, simple and magical: these are the most frequently recurring qualities attributed to our coreless toilet roll.
Our video published on the web was viewed by over 72,000 users throughout the world who left comments and interacted, creating a true grapevine.

An outcome that goes beyond expectations, our online audience totally engrossed: lots of curiosity by consumers; expectancy, interest and inquiries as to where the product can be purchased. Actually, the no-core roll is already available in supermarkets in Germany and France and now the focus is on other markets, too.

The product comes straight to the point: what immediately strikes about it is that it is practical, attentive to cost savings, mindful of the environment.
Using this roll means no longer worrying about the cardboard to dispose of, closet space for storage in the home benefits from it, it can also save space in the car when shopping.
Eliminating the cardboard used, transported and then recycled, and doing away with the glue needed inside means eliminating the environmental impact throughout the production chain – a benefit perceived by all and not just by manufacturers.

Finally, a roll without a core, usable to the very last sheet.

The quest for this goal has been ongoing in our field; PCMC, too, had followed an intuition over 20 years ago, since 1996 with the Korleus technology.

We did not invent the idea but we perfected it and put it to good use.

After some years of study, we succeeded in creating a new functional technology, patented and already in-use that creates a finished product incomparable to previous results.

For us, reaching this point, officially presenting our work has been an incredible experience. We have spoken a great deal in the last few months about no-core and we hope that you will continue to speak about it for its qualities, the opportunities it presents, because you want to use it and because you’d like to produce it.

And you? – What adjective would you use?

It could be a little exercise to try out now, while you’re on vacation on some nice beach or while taking a break from work with your colleagues; it’s something we can share together when we meet again.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the summer. We’ll be ready in September to continue with our communications, the means we use to express our journey, to share with you our ideas and our projects.

Continue to follow us: our evolution goes on and on.


14th September 2018

Don’t miss the 25th edition of the International Exhibition of the Paper Industry!

We look forward to seeing you here in Italy from 10 to 12 October at the Lucca Fiere Exhibition Centre to experience MIAC together, the event dedicated to technology and equipment for the paper industry, from the production of paper and paperboard to tissue paper converting.
Traditionally, a trade show has always constituted a chance to meet together and become acquainted with one another. In 20th-century Europe, trade fairs were a sign of a true economic change where currency, credit and goods merged together, modifying the social fabric. Back then, people used to say that at a trade show, anything was in store: shows, contests, games and much more, in the presence of a motley audience.

And today?

Yes, of course the world has changed; communication and commerce are very different now. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the desire to meet together, to mingle cultures in the course of negotiations and technology demonstrations. The virtual world is not the only world.

This is why a trade fair is still today a reference point for meeting, for exchanging, and for strengthening bonds.

So come and see us! We are waiting for you at booth 40.

We’ll be there to present all our proposals together with Winkler + Dünnebier in order to offer you a complete range of converting solutions.

And we’ll be there to hear your ideas and listen to your needs.

Do you want to see and touch our innovative No-Core roll? Or know more about our technologies? We’ll speak of the Forte technology, of Amica and also of the new concept of primary and secondary packaging.

But there’s more.

During the three-day event, we have some special cards to play. The appointment is at the conference we are holding dedicated to the Invisible-O technology, to No-Core roll: 100% sustainable technology, 100% made with care in Italy, 100% high quality consumer product. “When the Roll of the Future Becomes the Real Tissue Solution”.

During Miac we will also we’ll talk about our C.A.RE. Lab and all the novelties you can find at our new facility located in Lucca, near the city’s historic Walls.

For any further information you may wish to receive, for more details on our technological solutions, and/or to fix an appointment at the PCMC booth,

please contact our Sales & Marketing EMEA and APAC Director Walter Tamarri.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We hope to see you very soon in Lucca!



17th July 2018

Thank you!

469 guests, 5 days, 10 demonstrations, 39 interviews, 316,000 NO-CORE rolls produced and collected into 9600 packs and much more… not just numbers but tangible signs of an outcome.

A grandiose outcome that we want to share with you.

Before arriving at PCMC, you were attentive to our previews, you followed us and accepted our invitation. And you granted us your time, your attention.

What we can give you in return is our gratitude, our commitment and our passion. To follow our projects together.

Because while it is true that the doors of It’s Tissue have closed and our company event has come to an end, our doors will always remain open to welcome you, our customers, partners, friends and anyone who wants to share our evolution with us – our Carevolution.

And of course to all those who have yet to come visit us.

Our new innovation is bringing new products, no-core rolls, on the shelves and we would like to show it to you from up close.  Together with our Forte technology and our other services increasingly connected to Industry 4.0, to artificial intelligence applied to different aspects of our work.

Our Open House days were the result of our growth path and have yielded true satisfaction and constituted a spur to do more, always looking to the future.

iT’s Tissue is certainly not the end of a destination but rather a starting point to vie towards the future.

We are pursuing this path with new determination: we are an even closer-knit international team, encouraged by the support of 469 more people.

Thank you, Grazie, Спасибо, Danke, Ευχαριστούμε, Gracias, ขอบคุณ, Merci, ありがと, Obrigado, 謝謝 !

Thank you in all the languages of the world from all of us.

During our Open House we gave voice to our visitors, to our people.
The true protagonists, our partners, spoke about us.

To watch all the videos, visit our YouTube page,

clik here!